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Brushes for all major milling manufacturers machines including roller mills and purifiers.

Millrite can offer technically advanced designs for improved performance and reduced risk of product contamination.

Superior quality | Technically advanced | Very competitive price


Roller mill Brushes:

·         To suit all types of roller-mills including Buhler, Ocrim, Golfetto, Sanati and Simon. For excellent cleaning of smooth, fine fluted and coarse fluted rolls.

·         Millrite supply technically advanced rollermill brushes with an F.D.A. approved polypropylene base to reduce the risk of product contamination from wood. The brushes also have a nylon concave filament to provide optimum surface contact on 250MM diameter rolls.

·         Traditional rollermill brushes can also be supplied including wooden bases with polypropylene, goosequill, Tampico, Mexican fibre filaments and strip brushes with fire retardant natural fibre or nylon.


Purifier Brushes:

·         Brushes for all types of purifiers

·         Millrites improved design incorporates an F.D.A. approved plastic base with punched filled filaments.This eliminates the use of wood and wire and significantly reduces the risk of product contamination.